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Introducing the Kargo Shipper TMS: Your Control Tower for Visibility, Fulfillment, and Accountabilit

Solving Logistics Problems Through Digitization

Last year we connected with hundreds of Shippers, Vendors, and Drivers like yourselves to understand the main problems in fulfilling logistics needs. We gained valuable insights and heard you, loud and clear, that fulfilling logistics needs has been a pain and that we all wish shipments fulfilment could be seamless and hassle-free.

We started to dream about a solution, a way to make everything seamless and easier for you, one that will allow you to:

  1. Manage and fulfil logistics needs within your existing ecosystem

  2. Access your own digital private marketplace that connects you with preferred Vendors in real-time with dynamic spot rate pricing. Don’t we all need that reliability, trucking capacity and access to verified Truckers/Vehicles to make our lives easier?

  3. Have your own control tower system: track and trace live trucks locations with geofencing and get status updates from Driver App

  4. Make data-driven business decisions with an insightful analytics dashboard. It’s time to optimize your supply chain/logistics needs.

The past three months have been a fantastic journey of discovery and designing a solution with, well, you in our mind. Today, we’re proud to introduce Kargo TMS, a cloud-based Transportation Management System that allows you to reshape how you manage your supply chain with greater accountability, visibility, and control.

We can’t wait to see you use Kargo TMS product suite to continuously fuel your team and drive business results.

Take a look at Kargo TMS highlights for your supply chain solutions:

  1. S-TMS: a self-service web-based platform for Enterprise Shippers to create and monitor shipments as well as tracking POD digitally. Designed to optimize your supply chain, you can now quickly fulfil on-demand trucking needs with track & trace capability via Kargo’s marketplace.

  2. T-TMS: As Truckers, you’re supposed to be able to perform daily operations at ease. Taking on available jobs via the web-based TMS means saying goodbye to hard calling Shippers/Brokers to look for available shipments. T-TMS is integrated with S-TMS and Driver app, so you can simply sit back, and monitor Vehicles live location.

  1. Driver App: Always on the go, the last thing Drivers need is endless calls from Shippers and Truckers’ transport control tower. To let drivers focus on the tasks at hand, simply install Driver App, an Android based application equipped with GPS tracking and geofencing functionality. Didn’t we tell you that you’re in for a treat?

Optimize Business Decisions Through Data-Driven Shipper TMS

1. Creating shipment and managing fulfilment is at your fingertips. Self-service ordering system allows you to blast available orders to Vendors with active contract or to one specific vendor

2. Track and trace shipments that you care about. Live truck locations are integrated with google maps and equipped with geofencing and filtering capabilities. You can now monitor both inbound and outbound shipments easily.

3. Make a well informed strategic decision by utilizing the analytics dashboard. Optimize your supply chain plan by checking on the historical data that shows Transporters & Warehouse performance through customized reporting

Start Digitizing Your Supply Chain Today!

If you would like to take advantage of our full stack solutions for your entire fulfillment operations or to provide feedback, please email us at enterprisesolutions@https:// Not a current Kargo platform user and interested for a demo? Get started today.

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