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Strategize your logistics to the next level

Optimize your logistics strategy and eliminate unnecessary costs through accurate order prediction using  Machine Learning (ML)  technology

Transform Your Logistics Operations with ML-Powered Demand Planning

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How it will benefit your company


Strategic Planning

Enhance your business strategy by predicting fluctuations in demand


Pricing Demand Prediction  |  Seasonality and Trends

Cost Efficiency


Transporter Pricing

Optimize logistics expenses by selecting cost-effective transporters with superior performance

Expansion Opportunities


Fulfillment Rate

Identify regions for expansion by gaining insights into your existing routes


Demand Prediction

Gain insights into your routes and identify potential available demand backhauls


Demand Prediction

Fleet Utilization Optimization

Analyze recurring shipment patterns to effectively allocate and optimize your fleet for future shipment requests


Fulfillment Rate

Pricing Optimization

Strategize your pricing by identifying high and low seasons based on past & existing demand patterns


Seasonality and Trends


"Inconsistent market supply makes the Kargo team works tirelessly to maintain high fulfillment rate and customer satisfaction. Using the demand planning solution, we now have 100% visibility of suitable transporter per route basis. This has instantly reduced thousand hours previously spent on matching supply and demand!"
Marselinus Erick, VP of Operations at Kargo Technologies
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Say goodbye to inefficient demand prediction.

Welcome to ML–Powered demand prediction!

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Interested to learn more?

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Empower your business with precise, efficient, and seamless management.

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Data Privacy


Your data is secure, Kargo is ISO certified

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Are you ready to build
a sustainable supply chain for better logistics?

Let us help you build a resilient and efficient logistics network

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